7 Easy-to-Use Phone Interview Tips

Follow these seven simple tips to nail your next phone interview!

1. Always Smile on the Phone.

Yes! Even through the phone! Although your interviewer can't see you, your smile is projected to your voice when you speak. When you smile, your pitch becomes amicable and harmonious to the interviewer. Smiling will also innately boost your confidence when you speak. Try it out!

2. Have Different Intonations in Your Voice.

No one likes a dull person, and the toughest part about a phone interview is trying to come across as a fun and energetic individual when your interviewer can't see you. This is where having different intonations in your voice comes into play. Imagine you are listening to music, do you prefer a song with various melodies or a single monotone? If you answered the former, then you should put that thought into your phone interview efforts as well. Have different cadences in your answers (excited, curious, surprised) and have emphasis on key points (loud and low) are keys to keep your interviewers engaged.

3. Speak Slowly!

This may sound like a simple task, but it's actually one of the most insurmountable challenges for candidates. The trick here is to consciously remind yourself to take pauses while you speak. Candidates tend to speed up when they fear they may be talking for too long. Do not let this bother you and take your time to convey the message. This simple practice will lead to the best overall results.

4. Structure Your Thoughts.

Clear and concise answers are crucial in interviews, especially when it is over the phone. When speaking with interviewers telephonically, it is easy to get lost in a train of thought and the speech becomes a clutter. Before you answer a question, pause, and think about the top three key points, and structure your reply accordingly. This is much clearer to the interviewer than hearing a constant stream of thought with no clear beginning and end.

5. Tell a Story.

Another way to make yourself stand out and keep the interviewer engaged is to tell a story when answering a question. For example, add the words “for example” and list out a previous event that exemplifies your answers. Everyone loves a good story, and this is the best way to make you stand out and become memorable to your interviewer.

6. Prepare Notes.

One of the biggest advantages of phone interviews is the ability to have notes prior to the meeting. However, do NOT write down the exact answers as it will make you sound very robotic and the answers sound memorized. Write down the key points and fluidly build your answers around the core subjects during your interview.

7. Interact with Your Interviewers.

Interviews are by no means a one-way street! You should also be asking your interviewer questions to show your interest in the role, as well as your ability to carry on a conversation. Employers prefer inquisitive candidates who can also create a natural flow in interviews.

Follow the above seven tips and you will be able to ace your phone interviews with flying colors!