How to Find a Workplace You’ll Actually Enjoy

Hint: it's all about the people!

A job is more than just a way to earn some money, it’s the way you end up spending a big portion of your day. We all know people who love to complain about their jobs, hate going in each morning, but never make the effort to switch.

Most people have no clue how to find something that they’d really enjoy day to day.

An Ignite Report found that 80% of people between the ages of 23 to 28 in the U.S. said they were interested in changing their current job.

Finding a job you enjoy is really important to your overall well-being, your daily stress levels, your relationships with family and friends, and your overall happiness.

At JobGet, we’ve spent a lot of time talking to people in jobs in the retail and food services industries, ranging from those who loved their jobs and looked forward to it every day, to those that couldn’t wait for their shift to end.

We learned a lot about why some loved their workplace, and others hated it.

Here are 3 ways to find a job you’ll actually love:

1. It's all about the people!

What makes the difference between a great party, and an okay one? Usually it’s the people, and how well they mesh together.

This might seem obvious, but it’s similar in jobs. And most people don’t consider this when choosing a job.

Having people around you that you enjoy spending time with, and a job culture that works well with you can make or break your experience.

Practical tips:

  • Pay attention to the hiring manger. Is this someone you want to spend a full day with?
  • Ask to speak to some people on the team. to get an idea if it would be a good fit for you.
  • Notice how employees interact with each other. Does it seem like a good culture?

2. Find a company with products you enjoy

Be part of a company that sells something that you personally enjoy. Having some personally passion or joy from the product you’re spending a full work day around can keep you passionate and energize.

Your work performance will also naturally be stronger, and you could enjoy working with like-minded people and customers.

Practical tips:

  • Apply for jobs at companies you personally know and enjoy.
  • For interviews at companies you don’t know, try using their product or service as a consumer.

3. Location matters

Long transit times are painful. They are also a big waste of time (and money). If you could save 1.5 hours of transit time a day, that adds up to 7.5 hours a week! (Basically a full extra work day)

Having a job closer to home means you could spend the same number of hours in total, but earn more.

Practical tips:

  • Use the map view in JobGet to see what jobs are available close to you.
  • Be sure to mention in your interview that you live close by. Managers value this because it means you could be slightly more flexible.