The Dunkin' Story

For those of you who are still wondering how exactly JobGet works, the “Dunkin’ Story” will hopefully serve to clear up any of the lingering doubts that you still have regarding our platform’s power and efficiency.

Earlier this summer, one of our founders made a quick trip over to the local Dunkin’ (of which there are a thousand because this is Boston) to try and sell the franchise’s owner on the JobGet app as a better way to hire people.

Interested, the manager downloaded the app and posted an ad for an open position.

Within seconds, several candidates had applied to the position using the “one-click apply” function. The owner was visibly impressed by how quickly applicants had matched with his job offer and even said that one candidate, in particular, was exactly what he was looking for.

So, he reached out to her on the JobGet app to set up an interview. The woman promptly responded that she was actually in the neighborhood at the time and could walk over at his earliest convenience. The manager accepted her proposal, and within minutes, they were sitting down for a job interview…

THAT is how JobGet works. And frankly, it’s how finding a job should work in 2019. We connect employers with applicants quickly and painlessly. There’s no need to jump through all of the unnecessary hoops involved in the traditional hiring process when all you need is a face-to-face connection with a reliable candidate. Just post a job, find someone suitable, and get them on board as soon as possible. It’s that easy.