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WFH? Try Yoga!

By: JobGet
Jun 29, 2020 • 4 min read

Why yoga can be a great addition to your work-from-home lifestyle

Three months into a global pandemic, working from home can take a toll on you. Yoga can be a great way to balance your professional and personal life without the commute that might usually separate them. It can also help you center yourself in an uncertain time. Keep reading to learn about some of the ways you can take up yoga and improve your life while working remotely!

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Find the right style.

From vinyasa to yin to Hatha, there are many styles, or schools, of yoga, some of which you may have not even heard of. Different schools use varied paces, postures, and physical environments to bring out different sensations, including strength, flexibility, and even spiritual well being. The breadth of options might be intimidating, but the great thing about practicing from home is that you can learn about each one and try out what interests you until you find something that feels right. Take your time getting to know different schools and remember that you can always change your mind after settling on one to stick to.

Figure out how to practice.

Even outside a studio, there is a wide variety of resources for yogis of all levels. Youtube has several channels that post practices weekly, such as Yoga with Adrienne. If you don’t want to focus on a screen while practicing, or if you just want more control over your pace, you can still find many written flows online. Try looking up diagrams for each pose in a written flow and then referencing the instructions until you have them memorized so you can focus on your sensations!

All about routine

Without a commute or formal workday, you may have gotten into the habit of working at odd hours. Staying up late to finish a report rather than getting to it in the morning may seem like a timesaver, but denying yourself a real break at the end of the day takes a toll on your body and mind over time. This makes it important now more than ever to set aside a regular time each day when you drop your to-do list and do your asanas (Sanskrit word for body postures!) instead. If you tend to have trouble ending your workday and slowing down, an evening practice before dinner can be a great way to clear your head and transition into downtime. If you find it more challenging to get going in the morning, consider a wakeup flow instead!

Props or no props?

When going through a flow you found online, you might notice instructors telling you to use bolsters, blocks, or straps. These are three props that are great for assisting you in some of your poses, but they are not going to make or break your practice. While weighing whether to purchase props, a yoga mat, and workout clothes, you might start having budget anxiety. Yoga does not have to break your bank account! Look into substitutes for some of the things your practice calls for, such as a towel for a mat and books or pillows for blocks.

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Keep it chill!

Remember that you are practicing yoga to improve your wellbeing. Pushing yourself too hard will lead to frustration and possibly injury. Going into a flow with patience and listening to your body will enhance your practice and leave you feeling clear-headed. In addition to keeping a laid back attitude, while it is essential to make yoga a regular part of your schedule, it is perfectly fine to switch up your routine every now and then. If you find one day that you are not in the mood for your usual power yoga, try a slower flow instead. If you usually practice in the afternoon but wake up feeling groggy one morning, you might consider opting for wakeup flow that day.

Practicing yoga each day has fantastic effects on the body and mind. These can serve as a much-needed pick-me-up for anyone feeling the results of a challenging year. As you bring yoga into your schedule, remember that you cannot reach your full professional potential without taking care of yourself first. Go explore your options and see what makes you feel good. Good luck and namaste!

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