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Working at Hotels: What to Know If You Want to Land the Job

By: Mariah Rogers
Mar 3, 2022 • 2 min read

Hotels are a big part of the tourism sector, where many jobs are available. Most do not even require a four-year degree as long as you have the skills and determination to get the job done. 

Working in hotels also gives you certain benefits that come with the job descriptions, making it worthwhile to do to earn money. After some time, you can also go up the ladder by achieving a senior or managerial position. 

Here, we will talk about the most common jobs at hotels you can try applying to.

Primary Responsibility of Hotel Employees

Hotels run to serve their guests with the main objective of making their stay comfortable. Hotel employees can be assigned to welcome them, clean, cook, organize events, and so much more. 

Hotel Reception 

Front-of-the-house hotel staff represent the hotel directly with the hotel guests. These employees are responsible for ensuring and maintaining operations of the hotel daily. 

Their duties include confirming bookings or reservations, welcoming guests and checking them in and out, and answering inquiries that they might have. Staff members in this area work daytime to overnight shifts to ensure that any guest will be attended to if needed.

A front desk clerk handles the guests. The employees assigned to this work inform them of their room assignments upon giving the keys, taking the payment transactions, answering phone calls, and giving out important information about the hotel.

Hotel Support

When hotels are placed in central areas, support staff would be needed to aid the guests. For example, hotel drivers will be assigned for transportation, using the hotel shuttles to transfer guests. The support staff is also expected to help the guests with their heavy luggage and vehicles if they have them. 

Porters are responsible for bringing the luggage between guests and the hotel lobby. They are also designated to welcome guests, keep the lobby clean, and provide information if they have any concerns. 

Hotel Housekeeping

Hotel housekeeping staff are there to tidy things up and maintain cleanliness throughout the hotel, ensuring that guests are always comfortable. A housekeeper, or maid, does the usual tasks to clean the rooms and certain areas of the hotel. They are in charge of changing bed linens, making the beds, cleaning private and public bathrooms, throwing out the trash, and restocking amenities for the guests. 

On the other hand, maintenance workers regularly check and fix HVAC systems, lighting, and plumbing. If parts of the rooms need repair, they are also expected to work on them as soon as possible.

Hotel Foodservice

A hotel will not be completed without food. Foodservice will be handled by employees assigned to work in the hotel’s bar, café, or restaurant. 

Foodservice staff, including waiters or waitresses, guide guests to their tables, take their orders and specific requests, get the payments, and clean out the tables after. For room service, foodservice staff is also in charge of bringing the food to the respective rooms.

Big hotels usually have on-site chefs and kitchen managers to handle the cooking and serving every day. An executive chef is the one who oversees the food operations daily. They work with the kitchen staff and come up with the menus for the guests. The kitchen staff is also needed to ensure the cleanliness of the cooking areas. 


With the vast pool of options to choose from, you might see what job you can go after to work in a hotel. Make sure that you know the specifics of the job description and be ready to be part of the hotel team to provide quality service for the guests. Pair your skills and experience with a hotel job now!

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