JobGet Wins Global Grand Prize for MIT Inclusive Innovation Challenge

MIT’s premier future of work prize, awarding $1.6 million annually to entrepreneurs using technology to create economic opportunity for workers.
Boston, MA, Nov 21, 2019 - JobGet was awarded $250,000 as a Global Grand Prize Winner of the 2019 MIT Inclusive Innovation Challenge!

Global organizations representing the most innovative future of work solutions from Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, and North America competed in this year's challenge. JobGet was selected as a winner by a selection panel of world innovation leaders at MIT on November 21, 2019.

JobGet plans to allocate the winnings to help the millions of individuals and employers in the hourly space connect within hours or even minutes.

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JobGet is the fastest job platform for anyone looking for a job in the retail and hospitality industry, reducing the timeline from weeks to minutes.

Getting a job shouldn’t take hours filling online applications and waiting for weeks to hear back.

We are currently working with more than 1,200 employers in Boston on finding the right staff quickly, as well as helping thousands of jobseekers find their dream jobs within minutes.

JobGet is a MassChallenge Gold Award Winner, as well as a MIT IIC Global Grand Prize Winner. We are looking to reshape the employment landscape for hourly employers and professionals to be instant, accessible, and efficient.
Technology is the most disruptive force in human history, ushering in a new era of unprecedented health, convenience, and prosperity. Yet many people are not experiencing the benefits of this progress, despite actively seeking to more fully participate in and profit from new educational, financial, and work opportunities.

At MIT, we believe that inclusive innovation – the use of technology to generate increased economic opportunity for moderate and low income earners – is an imperative with a tight deadline. The question we should be asking ourselves at this historic moment isn’t “what is technology going to do to our economy and society,” but rather “what will we do with technology?”

Our vision is an economy that works for all. Our mission is to accelerate the success of the changemaking entrepreneurs that are making that vision a reality, and to drive a solutions-oriented conversation about the future of work.